I can't be the first, so let me be the last person to wish you a happy new year! To ring in 2014, I thought it would be nice to let you know some of the smaller features we've released recently. We've got some big new features coming soon, but sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference.

Chord Chart Auto-Save

Chord Chart Auto-SaveDon't you love it when you've spent the last hour meticulously crafting the most perfect of chord charts, you get distracted by Facebook in another tab, and before you know it you've clicked a link to a slideshow that crashes your browser? Your pristine piece of polyphany vanishes quicker than the compassion of an internet comment. Well, no more I say! Services now autosaves your charts as you type. I guess I could have just said that.

Filter Sidebars Stay Closed

Filter Section Stays ClosedYou're on the people page trying to find someone to play the front of the donkey in your Living Nativity, so you click on some custom properties. Each time you do, the top left filter section reopens, pushing your properties back to the bottom or the people page. That gets annoying after a while. Now most sidebar sections, including the filters, remember if you had them open or closed and stay that way. Oh, and the Master Calendar remembers which options you've chosen, too!

Song Option Columns

Song Option ColumnsYou've taken the time to put your tempo, CCLI# and song sequence into each arrangement, and by golly, you just want to see it in your plan without clicking. Is a click-free internet too much to ask for? The impossible is now possible by checking the Song Options in the Plan Column Chooser.

New Design for editing People Categories & Service Types

Edit Category DefaultsYou want power, but you want it pretty. Can both exist in glorious harmony? In the name of simplicity, and to get ready for some of our upcoming features, we've redesigned Editing People Categories & Service Types. Only the most important options show on the first tab, and other options are easily accessible on other tabs. Plus the extra space gives us room to explain what each option does.

Permission to Allow MP3 Downloads

MP3 Download Permission SettingsSo you've recorded & uploaded a great new song & set it to only allow streaming so your band can listen to it, but can't download it and share it. You're worried that another editor might change the setting and allow it to be downloaded. Well now you can prevent that by changing an option on the site settings page to allow Any Editor, Any Administrator, or only Organization Administrators to change the downloadable state of any song. Don't worry, your masterpiece is safe now!

Stay Tuned!

We'll be releasing quite a few new features in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! To stay up on all the latest Planning Center news, follow PlanningCenter on Facebook or Twitter.