"Hey, where are you guys?"

It's been quite awhile since our last update! We've been so busy with our new product, the new layout, new features, updates to our apps, and traveling to conferences or regional trainings.

This is the first of a few catch up blog articles to let you know what the newest features are, and what's planned for the near future.

A Fresh Look for Services

The biggest (and probably the most obvious) change that happened over the summer was the final step of a re-brand for Planning Center Services. If you haven't noticed this change, you should log in and see the new colors (and you should also schedule your teams. They're probably wondering where you are too!).

You can read this article for more information on our re-brand.

Account Center

This is the new "bridge" between Services, Resources, and other future apps. It works under the hood to allow you to add people who are already in your Services account into your Resources account, and vice versa.

Account Center "sees" all of the people in either of your apps. So, when you're adding a new person to either Services or Resources you will be able to see any other apps they're already a part of. This is going to prevent you from accidentally creating duplicate people in your account, which is an added bonus!

You and your team will be able to switch between the apps by clicking on the app switcher in the upper left.

It's also a place where you can manage your subscriptions, turn on the add-ons (like Music Stand and Projector) and appoint Organization Administrators or Billing Managers.

Organization Administrators

This is the permission that we used to call "Account Administrator." They're the people that are in charge of all of your Planning Center apps, and they will be able to add, cancel and change your subscriptions, or change any of the information inside of the apps. Before Account Center, we only allowed you to have two of these kinds of Administrators in your account, but now you can have as many of them as you would like.

Billing Managers

In the past we've seen a lot of people who have been made "Account Administrators" because they needed to receive a copy of the receipts and update the payment information of the account. So, we decided to give those number-crunchers a way to get what they need! You can now appoint any number of people in your account to the position of Billing Manager and then they will receive your receipts and invoices and can update your payment information without having all of the other abilities that are given to Organization Administrators.

"Anything else?"

Those are all of the "big" changes. We'll catch you up on some of the smaller ones next week. Admittedly, these aren't the most exciting features we've ever made, but they give us the ability to grow and advance Planning Center in ways that we wouldn't have been able to before; and that is very exciting.

We have a dedicated team of talented developers and lots of ideas of how we can continue to revolutionize the way that you do ministry. Whether planning your worship services, managing your resources, or something else in the future.