It's official! Today we launched our second major product, Planning Center Resources. Resources has been in beta for a few months (thanks to all our beta testers!) and we're ready to pull the curtains back.

Meet Resources

One of the most time consuming and frustrating parts about managing a growing church is keeping track of rooms and other resources. Planning Center Resources makes it much easier.

Rooms - Allow users to reserve rooms & choose how they should be set up for their event. Reserved rooms are grayed out for others so you don’t have to worry about double-booking.

Resources - Know where your resources are, when they’re being used, and how many you have. Already using 7 of your 10 tables tonight? Other events will only see 3 tables available.

Approvals - Add people to approval groups, and require approvals for any room or resource request. Beautiful graphs make it easy to see any approval status at a glance.

The Team

Because Resources is so important to us, we've assembled an all-star team. Dan Ott and Zack Hubert are two crazy talented programmers working out of our Seattle office. They're building all of the innovative features into Resources as we grow the product. Shane Armitage is our lead designer. And I'm Jeremy Ricketts. I'll be helping with support, product management, and everything else.

Go Check it Out!

We're really excited about Planning Center Resources. We hope it will bring structure and sanity to your church.

Planning Center Resources will be free through July 2013 and includes a free tier to get your feet wet.

Learn more about Planning Center Resources. For updates, follow @pcoresources or find us on Facebook.