A couple months ago we introduced Planning Center Spotlight, a new site made to connect artists and churches. Since then, hundreds of bands, musicians, speakers and other types of on-stage, featured artists have created profiles with their bio, location, audio and videos. Now that Spotlight has a great and ever-growing pool of artists, we're starting Phase 2.

Phase 2 opens up Spotlight to churches, allowing them to post events. If you are responsible for finding a featured artist for your service or event, you can create a profile for that event. Artists are then free to use our search and filtering tools to find events and indicate their interest. To post an Event, you need a time, location, description and a photo of some sort. A photo of your venue or stage is usually best since it will give potential artists a clear indication of where they'll be ministering, but you can use a logo, a picture of your building, or any other photo you'd like.

For now, Spotlight is free for all users. At some undetermined point in the future we do plan to start charging artists a small monthly fee, but we don't have any plans to charge churches for creating events. To sign up for Spotlight, just go to spotlight.planningcenteronline.com and click the sign up button at the upper right.