We’re excited to announce new integrations with Rdio and Vimeo along with a brand new Media Player! These new integrations give you more ways than ever to provide legal audio and video to your users.

Rdio is a music subscription service that lets you listen to millions of songs ad-free wherever you are. You can now easily link to any song on Rdio from the ‘Add an Attachment’ box on any Song Arrangement page. To play Rdio files, each user must have an Rdio subscription, which is $4.99 a month for web streaming, and $9.99 a month for web + mobile streaming. There is also a free option, but it only lasts for a couple of months. Users who don’t have an Rdio account (or who have run out of free songs) can still listen to 30-second samples or click the link to subscribe right from within our Media Player.

Rdio integrationRdio joins our ever-expanding list of integrations that give you a plethora of options for providing music and media to your users. You can now link to iTunes, AmazonMP3 and Rdio where your users are responsible for paying for their music, link to YouTube and now Vimeo for free online watching, or you can pay for RehearsalMix files to give downloadable mixes customized for each instrument or vocal part. In case you didn’t know, CCLI also updated their Rehearsal License earlier this year to make it easier and more affordable to legally upload music to give to your teams for rehearsing.

For more information on Rdio integration and to find out why we don’t have Spotify Integration (their API is lacking some key functionality), check out this article from our online manual.

New Media Player

Rdio integrationWe’ve rebuilt our media player to take advantage of these new integrations and greatly improved it in the process. The media player controls now stay at the top of the player instead of moving with each file. In addition, YouTube files will now play directly in the Media Player! That means if you have a playlist that includes files from YouTube, Vimeo, Rdio, iTunes previews or your own uploaded files, they will all play one after the other in the Player.

All of the old functionality is still there, too. If any audio files are downloadable, you will see a special audio badge with a download icon next to it. Click that download audio badge to download the file directly from the media player or click any of the other badges to go to those respective sites. You can collapse the track list by clicking the Track List heading to get a smaller player, or you can click the popout button relocated to the top left to get a standalone player you can keep open while you navigate to other pages. Finally, you can click the title of any file to restart it from the beginning.

RehearsalMix 30-day trial

RehearsalMix.com takes the original recordings of your favorite worship songs and gives you a separate mp3 mix for each team member with their part turned up. We announced RehearsalMix integration earlier this year, but now they have a 30-day trial so you can test it out free of charge! Take advantage of the new trial and see how RehearsalMix can take your team to the next level.

We’ve got some great new updates on deck including a big new scheduling feature we plan to release very soon. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @planningcenter to get all the latest updates.