*This is an outdated blog post and the information here may not be current. To read more about our recent product and company updates, please visit https://www.planningcenter.com/blog.

As summer comes to a close, we wanted to tell you about a couple of cool changes we've made over the last month or two. The first is additional functionality to our Top Songs feature that now shows more results and lets you search by title and theme to help you find great new songs. The others are some big additions we've made to our Projector mobile presentation app that now allows you to sync up multiple devices, display nursery alerts, and edit your order of service by adding, reordering, editing or deleting items or songs.

More Top Songs

Earlier this year we released our "Top Songs" feature that showed the top 30 songs over the next 6 weeks from all churches using Planning Center. It also shows how much more or less popular each song was than the same week last year. We've expanded Top Songs to show all songs done each week, not just the top 30. Page through more results using the next or previous buttons.

Top Songs Search

We've also added a new search tab at the top right to help you find new songs. When you search, Planning Center returns 2 different types of results. The left column shows song titles that match your search and the right column shows songs with a matching theme. The results are shown in ranked order by averaging the position of each song across all 6 weeks shown.

For more information on top songs, see our original blog post here. Oh, and you can now search by Author from the filters section on your song page!

Projector Updates

2 Major Projector updates have come out since we last mentioned it and we've added some really cool new stuff! The coolest update is called sessions. Sessions allow you to link multiple iPads, iPhones or iPod touches and use one device to control all of them. Each device can have its own display settings, so you can use one for your sidescreens, one as a confidence monitor and pass control off to any device.

In addition to sessions, you can also display nursery alerts and edit your entire plan. Editing your plan allows you to add, reorder, change and remove items from your plan right from within Projector. You can also link and unlink songs from items. Download the latest updates to take advantage of these great new features.

What's Coming Next?

One of the questions we hear more than anything else is "What are you guys coming out with next?" We generally don't say what we're working on because in the web world, anything can change on a moment's notice and we don't like to promise things that might not happen. But as a reward for reading this far, I'll give you a couple things. A major update to Music Stand is around the corner that includes Sessions to link multiple devices for page turning. We started working today on some big new scheduling features for Planning Center, but those are going to take a while to finish. The new Events section of Spotlight is almost done and will allow churches to post Events that need guest artists. And we might be releasing something brand new in a couple months, but you'll never get it out of me!

All that said, we're as passionate as ever about helping you revolutionize the way you run your ministry and look forward to lots of great new ways to help you do that in the coming months. Stop by and see us at the Experience conference next month in Orlando or attend our Orlando training event we'll be having there after the conference. Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter @planningcenter to make sure you have all the latest updates.