One of the questions we've heard many times over the years is "Does Planning Center have a presentation app?" For a long time, we weren't interested in making a presentation application, mostly because there are already so many great ones available. In fact, we recently published a list of all the great applications that integrate with us, including ProPresenter, Proclaim & MediaShout. Then after the success and experience of our MusicStand iPad app, we started brainstorming where else we could use this new knowledge, and the often-requested presentation app sprung to mind. As far as we knew, there were no mobile church presentation apps, and since we're a company who loves to innovate, we saw that as a perfect opportunity.

So today we're extremely excited to announce a brand new app we've been working on for months. It's called Planning Center Projector! Projector is an iPad app that seamlessly integrates with your Planning Center account to display images, videos, lyrics & Powerpoints during your services. It's beautiful, simple and extremely portable. Not only can you run your entire presentation using intuitive touch-based gestures, it can even broadcast wirelessly in full 1080p HD  to an AppleTV!

Planning Center has always been known for combining a simple & attractive interface with powerful features, and we've never been more proud of that balance than in Projector. We've been meticulous in planning out every pixel of this app to make it really easy and even fun to use. Setting up your presentations is a snap and can now be done from anywhere. Since it's all synced to Planning Center, you'll hardly have anything to setup. We also know that running lyrics & videos is often a job given to volunteers, and being able to just touch & swipe to navigate & edit makes their job easier.

Like MusicStand, Projector is an add-on to your account that costs an additional $2 for lite accounts, $5 for basic accounts, and $10 for plus accounts and higher, but we're making it free for all accounts until June 1 to give everyone a chance to try it out. The Projector app, available now on the App Store, is free, so after your Primary Account Administrator enables Projector on your account, anyone with access to your plans can connect and project!

We've also partnered with and so that when you enable Projector, you have the option to import 25 free motion backgrounds to help you get started. WorshipHouseMedia specializes in media for presentations, and CreationSwap specializes in print media created by some of the top church graphic designers, so make sure you check them out!

We didn't want to prohibit anyone from using Projector because they didn't have enough space for media in their accounts, so last week, in anticipation of this launch, we silently increased the allowed file space of our two lower accounts. Lite accounts have been upgraded from 250MB of storage to 1GB, and Basic accounts have been upgraded from 1GB to 2GB. In addition, we've made enabling extra file storage cheaper for ALL accounts. If you wanted to use more file space than your account allowed in the past, it was $5 per GB. We've now reduced that to only $2 per GB!

The best way to learn about Projector is either by visiting to learn all about its features, or by just downloading it directly from the app store now!  You can also view a list of Frequently Asked Questions here. Oh, and one more thing. Since Projector is an iPad app and iPhones are built on the same foundation, we're already mostly done with an update that will allow Projector to run on iPhones, too!

We think you're going to love using Projector and are excited to get your feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to use the help box at the top right of Planning Center to send us an email, or follow @planningcenter on Twitter or Facebook.