We recently posted about our new RehearsalMix & WorshipHouseMedia integrations which are built in to PlanningCenter. In addition to our built-in integrations, there are a growing number of other applications that have their own integrations with Planning Center and we thought it would be great to highlight them here. We're working on a page on our site that will always have a list of all available integrations, but for now, here is a list of the ones we know about.

For over ten years, ProPresenter has been the preferred lyric presentation system for Passion Conferences, KidStuf, and churches around the world. Other features include high-quality video and audio playback tools, pre-sequencing of slides to soundtracks, Scripture look-up, DVD playback, dynamically generated Count Down Timer, and much more. ProPresenter 5 is a major upgrade that adds completely new functionality, including integration with Planning Center,  to make service preparation easier, and the overall impact of your presentations greater. ProPresenter5 is currently available for Mac with the PC version coming this spring.

Proclaim is a new cloud-based Presentation app from Logos Bible Software. It’s the centralized solution to all your presentation needs. Proclaim lets you arrange lyrics, outlines, and images from anywhere, anytime. When you're ready to present, just click On Air. The Proclaim app is a free download and for the first year is $20 a month or less for a church license to go On Air. Here's their post about their PCO integration: http://proclaimonline.com/planningcenteronline/.

MediaShout is another established Presentation application. Lyrics, Bibles, extensive media playback and a clean, intuitive workspace combine to help you create beautiful presentations in minutes. It's available for Mac and PC but right now only the 4.5 beta version for PC has PCO integration. More information is available here: http://ow.ly/9WjYi.

Ministry Ops is a simple hosted platform for publishing & sharing audio and video files online. Just upload your video and they'll do the rest (things like converting, formating, and organizing your media). After connecting your account, you can see all of your service elements, notes, media elements and songs, inside Ministry Ops and share them with just a click. With built in iTunes linking, adding songs will automatically create links to sample and purchase music in the iTunes store directly from your episode page. For more information, see their blog post: http://blog.ministryops.com/post/19477595403/planning-center-integration.

Church Management Systems

A couple of Church Management applications also have integrations, though they aren't quite as simple, polished, or built-in as the applications listed above. For some of these it's because the integration was done by a third-party. Even so, if you're willing to dig around and do a little work, you can integrate Planning Center with FellowshipOne, Arena, & ChurchCommunityBuilder.

Information on FellowshipOne's integration can be found here: http://ow.ly/9WjHk. If you decide to do this, you will need an API key from us, which you can get by emailing support@planningcenteronline.com with the name of your church to use for the F1 integration and we can issue that to you.

The integration with Arena was created by Christ Church of the Valley. You can get more information from a comment on one of Arena's message boards here: http://ow.ly/9WjMr.

The integration with ChurchCommunityBuilder is provided by http://pcosync.com/ and is still in beta form. Visit their site to help test the beta or to subscribe to updates.

More to come!

If your favorite application doesn't integrate with Planning Center yet, feel free to let them know. Anyone can integrate with Planning Center using our public API which is available here: http://get.planningcenteronline.com/api/general-details/. If you know of an application that integrates with Planning Center that we haven't mentioned, feel free to leave information in the comments so we can include it in the future. For the latest updates, make sure to follow @planningcenter on Twitter or Facebook.