One of the best ways we can add functionality to Planning Center is by integrating with great companies & products. Today we're really excited to let you know about an awesome new song integration and one greatly improved media integration. In addition, we've removed the Community Song & Media pages, enhancing and incorporating some of those features into other areas of Planning Center.

The RehearsalMix logo next to a sound bar. is a brand new service that takes the original recordings of your favorite worship songs and gives you a separate mp3 mix for each team member with their part turned up! What better way for your bass player to learn that tricky bass line on Lincoln Brewster's "Salvation is Here" than to listen to a mix featuring that original bass part. The other great news is you don't have figure out how to legally give out mp3 files for rehearsal purposes, because RehearsalMix files include the proper licensing, and our RehearsalMix integration takes care of that for you!

An instrumental breakdown of a worship song and three different range selections.

After your primary admin enables the integration, you can add RehearsalMixes to each song arrangement and specify which files are for which users by using Attachment Types. RehearsalMix pricing ranges from $.79 to $1.29 per Rehearsal Mix credit, paid through your RehearsalMix account. A credit is redeemed for one Rehearsal Mix per person and once purchased they can download or stream it as many times as they want.

For specific instructions on integrating with RehearsalMix, see THIS LESSON in our online manual or watch this video overview:

The Worship House Media logo with dots floating above.

For quite a while we've had a loose integration with our friends at WorshipHouseMedia who provide tons of great images & videos for use in your services. In fact, our Community Media page was basically a portal to WorshipHouseMedia's catalogue. From there you could preview media and add it to your account. If you wanted to purchase the full-quality video, you would have to go to their site and download it from there.

A media store sorted by best selling videos, countdowns, and background images.

Today we're announcing a much tighter integration. We're removing the Community Media tab and moving that content to your own Media page. You can access it by switching from "My Media" to "Media Store" at the top center of your Media page. Different users can now link their Planning Center Account with their WorshipHouseMedia account so that they can purchase videos right from within Planning Center and the full-quality files will transfer right into the Planning Center media item. In addition, when users link their accounts, they have the option to import any previous WHM purchases into their Planning Center account at that time.

A blue ribbon with the call to action to view top songs from all churches.

When we first released the Community Songs page, we didn't have any of our current integrations. We made that page primarily as a way for users to help other users find great content. We now have ways to search iTunes, AmazonMP3, YouTube, SongSelect & RehearsalMix right from your Planning Center account. Because these new integrations bring all that content right to your songs, the Community Songs page is rarely being used. As a result, we've decided to get rid of the Community Songs page and bring an enhanced "Top Songs" functionality right to your songs page.

A chart of top worships songs ranked by week and compared to the year before.

Top Songs looks across all of the thousands of churches around the world using Planning Center and shows you what songs are being used the most over the next 6 weeks. Click the Top Songs button to the left of your Songs page and choose which of the next 6 weeks you want to see. You'll see the top songs ranked in order and the difference in their ranking compared to the same week last year. Clicking on a song in the list opens the add a song box with that song chosen, or if that song is already in your account, it takes you to that song page.

Quicker Content

We hope that all of these updates make discovering and managing content quicker and easier than ever. Viewing the top songs across all churches should help you find great new songs, adding RehearsalMixes to your songs should help your musicians to sound better than ever, and adding media directly to your account should help you pull it all together with great visuals. The more we can help you with those planning stages, the more time you'll have to focus on delivering life-changing services to your church.

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