Planning Center Music Stand 1.5

We're excited to announce the release of Planning Center Music Stand version 1.5. Music Stand connects directly to to turn your music sets into a digital music stand. Open the Music Stand iPad app, select one of your dates, and your PDFs are loaded and ready to go! We've added quite a few great features recently, including background audio, but the exciting thing about this release is support for an external display using AirPlay.

If you have an iPad2 and an AppleTV, you can use Wireless Mirroring to send an extra output directly to your HDTV. The coolest part is that while the iPad only shows one page at a time, the external display will show 2 pages at once. It can be tough to afford iPads for everyone on your team, so now you can have 1 iPad, an $89 Apple TV, and an HDTV that everyone can see. If you don't want to get an AppleTV for wireless operation, you can also use the Apple Digital AV Adapter or a VGA cable.

We've put together a brand new tour page highlighting all its great features at, or just watch this new tour video to see it in action!

New Layout BETA

In case you haven't heard yet, we've been slowly rolling out beta access to Planning Center's new look and have added about half of our churches. Throughout the rest of November, our remaining churches will start to notice the nifty beta button to switch between the current site and the beta to get acquainted with it at a convenient time. We're still fixing lots of odds and ends including better support for Internet Explorer, but by December all of our churches should have access to the beta at which time we'll give the site administrator an option to switch their church over permanently. On January 16, we plan to make the switch permanent for everyone.

So far the feedback has been very positive and we're excited to release the finishing touches and roll this out for everyone! As always, to stay current on everything happening with PCO, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.