For a long time we've been anxious to allow our mobile apps to load your audio playlist for easy rehearsing instead of manually having to navigate to each mp3 separately. There are many different mobile platforms, so we looked for a way to make one media player that would work across iOS, Android, and other devices as well. We spend a considerable amount of time making that work and were pretty happy with the results. We updated the app and thought everyone was going to be excited. Little did we know...

At around the same time, Apple updated to iOS 5 and though we were testing using iOS5, we didn't know it prevented non-native audio sources from playing when the screen went black. We didn't know this was going to happen when we updated the audio player, but obviously having to keep your phone display on to hear audio from our app was miles less than ideal.

Today the new version of our iOS app, version 1.3 is available in the app store and uses the native iOS audio and no longer stops when the display goes to sleep. In addition, audio will now continue to play in the background even when you close the app. If you access audio from an individual song, it will play just that song, but if you tap the "Media Player" button at the bottom of the plan, it will play an entire playlist.

We want to apologize for our mistake. The newest version is probably what we should have done from the start, but we took a shortcut that looked like it would be great and unfortunately didn't turn out to be so. We're now working on improving the audio experience for Android, and hope to deliver that in the coming weeks.

We hope you like the new version .You can download it here.