We're very excited to officially launch our SongSelect by CCLI integration today! We've been beta testing this for the last couple of months to make sure everything would work smoothly and today we are finally all-systems-go. If you have a SongSelect membership, you will now be able to import Lyrics and Chord Charts directly without having to download it from SongSelect and then upload it to Planning Center. It's now a 1-click integrated process that will save lots of time!

To take advantage of this, your Account Administrator will need to enable the SongSelect Integration from the site settings page. Here's a lesson from our manual detailing how to do that.

SongSelect by CCLI IntegrationAfter the integration is enabled, your Editors & Admins will have 3 ways to get lyrics & chords from SongSelect.

  1. When you create a new song, there will be checkboxes asking if you'd like to import the lyrics or chord chart in any key.

  2. After you've created a song, you can import the Lyrics from our Lyrics & Chords box, which Planning Center will then turn into a Lyrics PDF

  3. You can also import the chord chart in any key from the Add an Attachment box on any song arrangement page in the new SongSelect tab

At this time, only Lyrics and SongSelect "Chord Charts" are available. Any other types of files on SongSelect including Lead Sheets aren't available as part of this integration at this time.

Training Opportunities & Open House If you haven't seen on our @planningcenter twitter account or our Facebook page, we have just moved into our beautiful new office in Carlsbad, CA in north San Diego County. We have a great training room here and we're putting on our first training event which is available for signups now. The cost is $25 a person and discounts for groups are also available. More information and registration is available on our Smart Events page. Oh, and it's on the same day as our Open House!

We hope this SongSelect by CCLI Integration saves you tons of time and further improves your productivity. Stay tuned for some exciting things to come!