On June 27, Planning Center will be celebrating its 5-year anniversary! We decided that since Planning Center has become such a big part of so many people's lives, it's about time we had a mascot. Our clipboard logo is great, but being an inanimate object, it can't really express the joy people get from streamlining their systems and communication using PCO. Enter PiCO, the Planning Center robot.

So many of the tasks people were used to juggling in the past can now be almost completely automated by Planning Center. In fact, it's almost like you have your own planning robot working for you! ;)

We've decided to make a few new high-quality desktop wallpapers, featuring our beloved PiCO, available for free. Right-click the image and save it to your computer!

We hope you enjoy the wallpapers! Tell us which is your favorite by leaving a comment using the link at the top of this post. Keep your eyes out for PiCO, you never know where he might popup!