I've had a couple of people ask recently if there was a way to know what songs other churches are using for Easter this year. We've had our cool Community Songs page for last couple of years, but it shows the top songs for last month, and by the time that page is updated, those dates are past. We thought it would be cool to be able to show you the top Easter songs being planned before Easter happens for those of you looking for ideas.

So head on over to your Planning Center Community Songs page and take a look at the top 50 Easter songs already planned for 2011. The number to the right shows the change from Easter 2010. So for example, the current #2 song for 2011, Happy Day, has -1 next to it because last year it was the #1 song and has moved down 1 spot. Any song that says NEW is a song that wasn't in the top 100 last year.

We'll be updating this list every day until Easter, so check back often to see the most up-t0-date list! Also, feel free to comment on this post if this is something that is helpful to you.

I've posted a screenshot for the top 10 songs to the left, but if you want to see the whole list, you'll have to login to your Planning Center account to see the rest. Don't have a Planning Center account? Sign up now for your 30 day free trial at www.planningcenteronline.com!