We have released an update for the iPad Music Stand App! Now you can annotate your music directly on the iPad. You'll be able to highlight, draw, and enter text. Each user's annotations are saved for future use, and users can view or import other user's notes, too. Annotations sync perfectly between MusicStand on the web and the iPad app.

We've also made a few changes to our pricing. The first big change is that now Planning Center LIVE will be available on ALL accounts! Live allows you to keep track, in real time, of how your service is progressing and allows you to communicate to everyone during the service through its integrated chat. To learn more please check out this tutorial.

The second big change is that we are now giving the** free account 50MB of storage** to house a few files for their people to access.

As usual, we are hard at work on some cool new releases, so look forward to those soon!