We are excited to let you  know that we have begun accepting pre-orders for the "X-Clip" (iPad clip)! Manufacturing this clip has proven to take longer than we originally thought. BUT...we are coming down to the wire and can see that in the near future we'll be ready to ship these off to you, hot off the press.

What's the "X-Clip"?

The X-Clip is meant to hold your iPad on a mic stand so that you can use the Music Stand App on your iPad! Of course there are many things the X-Clip could be used for, but this is what we've had in mind when getting the clip manufactured and we believe this is what most PCO users will use it for. Click here if you would like to see a demonstration of the clip in use or learn more about it.

_To Order: _

Just click here to go to www.criskenna.com. This is the company that is selling the clips. Don't worry though, we're not passing you off to a totally separate company that we have nothing to do with! It's a company that Ministry Centered Technologies has helped get started and the owner of this company, Todd, is a close friend of ours. We are working very closely with him to take care of your ordering process and we have been in touch with both Todd and the manufacturers the whole time. But, we felt we wanted to stick with our main purpose for Ministry Centered Technologies: software. So Criskenna will be handling your ordering and we will still be available to answer any questions you have about it. Until then...have fun pre-ordering!

Other News:

Our last blog post was concerning our latest release: annotations for Music Stand! We are very excited about this new feature! To read more, click here.