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Wow! This summer has been busy. We have been going full speed (in between vacations) on a lot of new features that you are going to see us start rolling out pretty quickly over the next coming months. The first one, which so many people have been waiting for, is Planning Center Music Stand Annotations!

Music Stand Annotations On The Web

Our goal with annotations was to make it so that annotations added on the web show up on the iPad, and annotations created on the iPad show up on the web. This was a pretty difficult task but we are very happy with the outcome. With annotations you get the following tools:

  • Pen

  • Highlighter

  • Text Tool

  • Rectangular Eraser

To access the annotations, click the pen and paper icon in the lower right corner, as shown here. The toolbar will come up for you on the left, allowing you to select which kind of edits you would like to make.

You can also view other people's annotations by hitting the configure (gear) button. We are really excited about this feature. Please check it out and let us know how it works for you and shoot any feedback to!

*Note: *Until we release the iPad Music Stand update, annotations will only show up on the web.

Browser Support

Because of the complexity of manipulating images on the web we did a lot of research to determine the best method of doing this. We decided to use the new HTML5 tag CANVAS, though this decision does come with a drawback: IE6-8. Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 do not have any support for the canvas tag. The good news is IE9, which is due out soon, is compatible with this tag and we are already testing Music Stand Annotations on this browser and will support it once it is released. If you or your volunteer is not using a browser we support, we will give them a nice message letting them know how to upgrade to a supported browser. The browsers we officially support for Music Stand are Chrome, Safari, FireFox & Internet Explorer 9.

Music Stand Annotations On The iPad

Jason, our newest addition to the Ministry Centered Technologies team, has been working hard on getting Annotations into the Music Stand iPad app and we are ready for BETA testers. If you are interested in beta testing the iPad app with annotations support please fill out this form.

iPad Clip

The iPad Clip is on its way, the steel mold has been created, and we are working with the manufacturing plant to ensure the best finish on the clip. We expect to place the order for our first batch this week and it takes about three weeks to make them. We will be accepting pre-orders next week for an introductory price of $29 per clip. We still don't have any concrete information on a bluetooth footpedal, but we will update you as soon as we do. For more information on ordering, click here.

Tweet your #WorshipSet

Want to easily let your followers or church members know your song list for this last weekend? Easy, just click the "Tweet Your #WorshipSet" link and we will automatically create a nice tweet for you with all that information. And if you have Public Access enabled, we will add a shortened link to your public page to the end of the Tweet.

Note: We beta tested this as #SundaySetList, but found people have a lot of mid-week services. :)

The Future

This last week we had the whole Ministry Centered Technologies Team in our new offices (double the space of our old offices) to talk about the present & future of PCO. We printed out every single page & dialog and we went through them all with a red pen, marking anything that might not be 100% clear or look as beautiful as we want. We also talked about some exciting new features. You will be seeing the changes from this meeting over the next several months.

In Him,

Jeff Berg Owner/Developer Ministry Centered Technologies