We are excited to share with you some new updates to Smart Events! We feel like the program is really taking off, and with these new added features, it adds that much more to it as a whole. Check out our updates:

*Reporting: *Printing off your information about events is now available! You can print it as  a PDF, or to a CSV file which you could then put into Excel or some kind of program similar to that. It's even customizable, allowing you to specify which information prints off in your report.

Sorting: Dragging and dropping makes this feature simple and easy. In the Edit Event dialog box, you can rearrange the order of your registrant types and add-ons. Just drag and drop to your liking! Reordering the Additional Questions will be in an update in the near future.

*Importing: *We've added the ability for you to import a CSV file  into your Smart Events People database. The option is on the right side of the People tab.

*Duplicating: *If you have an event that you wish to just duplicate into a whole new event, just use our Duplicate option. Keep in mind that for now, it will NOT duplicate your attached forms, assignments, and registrants. We will be adding the option to have it duplicate the attached forms and assignments in the near future.

*Archiving: *If you don't want to see your event on the main Events tab anymore, you can archive it. This will still be accessible but will not show up when you hover over "Events". This is also how you get rid of an event you don't want anymore (there is no delete option, just archive).

*Paypal Standard: *You can now allow people to pay through Paypal. This is an option for you on the Payment Gateway page. You can use it alongside a different payment method, basically allowing your registrants to choose between paying by credit card or by Paypal.

*Payment History: *We've added the ability for you to print a report of all the payments you've received. This is found under Settings, and is only accessible by the owner.

*Requiring Information: *When setting up your event, you can require or simply show certain information, such as gender, address, phone, and birth date. You can even choose to have those options not even show up by hiding them. This is all done in the Edit Event dialog box.

We have also made a few other small graphic updates and fixed a few bugs here and there. We hope you enjoy the latest release! Stay tuned for many more!