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Hey PCO users! We have some updates to inform you of! Which do you want first....the good news, or the not-as-good news? Ok, I'll give you the not-as-good news first:

New Look to Facebook App**

Facebook has changed the way they do things, and as a result, we have as well. Facebook has taken away all notifications, which was the main feature we used to communicate PCO requests to you through Facebook. So now there are new steps needing to be taken to get your page all set up. It's a bit complicated, but believe us when we say, we wish it could be easier! Click here to be taken to our lesson from our manual on how to set this up.

*PDF Printing *

This is the good news! For a while now, you all have been asking for a few more options when trying to print your plan. Here are some new options we've added:

You can print your plan as a PDF or as a Webpage.

You can adjust the page size, orientation, margin, and font size.

The options will be listed for you as they are shown in the screen shot. This will make it much easier for you to adjust how your plan is printed! You can also save it as a PDF and mail it off to someone who may need to see it instead of printing it. We do have plans on integrating this technology to other places within PCO.

*Update to Verizon Texts: *

Many of you were experiencing some issues with text messaging if you were a Verizon customer. The good news is that we have fixed this now! You all should be able to reply to texts and receive them with ease. Thanks for your patience through that!

Katie Willard