Wow! The last several years have been awesome for us! We have seen a huge number of churches saving tons of time and money using our products to plan and schedule their worship, children's, and youth services around the world. Our passion is to help churches spend less time administering and more time ministering. With that in mind, we'd like to announce our next product: Smart Events!

While Planning Center Online is centered around services, Smart Events is centered around events like Camps, Conferences and Retreats.

Picture this:

You are having a High School Camp. In Smart Events you will be able to schedule each day's activities and any prior meetings. You will also be able to create online registration forms, set up what pricing options will be available, create add-on packages, and ask an unlimited amount of customized questions. We also have many more exciting planning features to include after the initial release.

Now a parent is coming in to register their child for your camp. You enter in their information (or they do it via the website) and select what price and options they need. The site shows you that you need a health and rental form from them, but instead of having them fill out the form it is already filled out automatically by the Smart Events website using their registration information. So, all they have to do is sign the forms and give them back to you. It also automatically puts the kids in the correct rooms and busses with their friends.

Please check out our Coming Soon page at and sign up to be notified when we enter our beta testing phase.

But what about Planning Center?

We are still hard at work on adding some incredible new features and usability enhancements to Planning Center Online which we will be launching over the next couple of months. We actually released a small but pretty cool update yesterday!


Jeff Berg Owner/Developer Ministry Centered Technologies