We launched our first-ever Webinar the other week with what we felt was success! We've decided to continue webinars that introduce Planning Center Online. The webinar allows you to log in from your computer and watch me give a demonstration of how PCO works and how to set it up. We believe this will be a bridge to better communication with our customers, which we are always striving to do. It will especially help you who have just begun using the program and want to have a demonstration of how it works and how to get everything set up. At the end, I will reserve some times for specific questions from you.

We are also looking to possibly expand this to do more detailed or advanced webinars for those of you who have had a PCO account for longer than just a few days or months. If you ever have any requests or ideas for more advanced webinars, please let us know: support@ministrycentered.com

Below are the times for December that we'll be webinar-ing. :) Click the date to sign up for that specific day. We'll see you there!

December 8th, 9AM-10AM PST

December 10th, 9AM-10AM PST

December 16th, 9AM-10AM PST

Katie Willard