Hello PCO users! We have yet another exciting release for you and it's just in time for the Holidays (Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!). Here are a few things we've added:

Recurring Block-Out Dates:

Yes, we know this has been a long time comin'. But it's finally here! You are now able to block out a recurring date. So for all of you that say every 3rd Sunday of the month, you're unavailable, it's now just a few clicks instead of about 50.

When you enter the date you need blocked off, you have an option to select if it's repeated or not. Once you click on the blue drop-down under Repeat, you can tell it to repeat every week or every month. Then you will have the option to indicate if you want it blocked out forever, or just until a specific time. So if I needed every Tuesday blocked out for the next 2 months, I could indicate that in one dialog box and be on my way!

Online Manual:

This has been my project for the last few months, and it's by no means complete. But, we do have a BETA form of an online manual ready for everyone to take a look at! Our goal is to have every feature of the site covered in this manual, to give examples of how accounts are set up, and to basically answer your questions without you having to take the time to email or call us. On the right, you'll see the Tags area which provides categories of lessons that you can easily get to. Here's the link to the online manual, and please feel free to let us know what you think or any lessons that you'd like to see in the future!

Online Manual Link

Subscription to Community Songs and Media Pages:

If you've ever been curious about what others are writing on the Community pages, you can now subscribe to all comments that are made. To do so, go to each page (Community Songs and Community Media, whichever you prefer), then click the link at the bottom left as shown in the picture below. If you've subscribed and you want to unsubscribe, you can click on the same place to unsubscribe.

We hope everyone has an excellent Thanksgiving! You can expect to hear from us again soon, as we are continually working to improve PCO. Thanks for your continued support and feedback!


Katie Willard