We have yet another exciting release, and this one is in the world of mobile phones. Last night we released an update that allows you to perform certain tasks on the mobile version of your phone (including iPhone, Android, and Pre). You now have the capability to schedule people and email those that are scheduled. This also paves the way for our new official Planning Center Online iPhone App that released today! The official app is a streamlined version of the updated mobile interface that runs more smoothly and remembers your password.

IMG_0147We apologize to our Blackberry users, but because the Blackeberry's internet browser is not built on WebKit (like iPhone, Android & Pre), it is much more difficult to program and as a result, the Blackberry will still be read-only. Though our Blackberry users are very important to us, we discovered that only 2% of our mobile users use the Blackberry, but don't worry- we aren't giving up! We are continuing to find ways to improve the use of PCO on your Blackberry so stay tuned for any break-throughs and updates we may have in the future.