pco_blackberryHey everyone! Here we are again with another released update for you. This one is exciting as well!  Mostly because of the new mobile interface for more phones than just the iPhone!!!

New Mobile Site

Here at Ministry Centered Technologies we love our iPhones!!! We also realize that many of you guys love your Blackberrys, Palm Pres, Windows Mobile, Android and other phones. So we have finally updated our mobile site for people who use phones other than the iPhone!!! Planning Center Online will now offer support for you to go to the website on most mobile phones. This has been requested by many people and it's finally here! Enjoy!

Also, we have added attachments to the mobile view of all Plans, Plan Items, Songs, Arrangements, Media & People. So if your phone supports download & viewing attachments you can do this via the mobile interface. MP3s must have the Allow Download option enabled for them to show up in the mobile interface.

We have many other ideas for the mobile interface that we want to implement but we want to release this first to make sure everything is working for everyone.

Extra File Storage

Now you can enable "Extra File Storage" which will allow you to upload over your current plans File Storage limit. You will be charged $5 per month per GB over your current plans file storage limit. For instance if you upload 500MB over your current plans storage limit then you will be charged $2.50 per month.

New FilteringPicture 1

When filtering through Custom Properties on the Songs, Media or People pages, we were running into a few things that we wanted to change so it would be even more user-friendly.

When you select multiple custom fields (for example, in my picture, Audio/Visual *and *Band are custom fields), before it would select people who had both an Audio/Visual AND a band property. Now, you can click on both of them if you want to and you can basically see everyone who is a part of either Audio/Visual OR Band.

Also, if you want to filter through custom options (for example, in the picture, Camera 1, Camera 2, Drums, etc are custom options) then you can click multiple custom options within the same custom field, and that will choose EITHER/OR as well. So, in this example you can now select all of your Camera 1 & Camera 2 people in one selection. We believe this will greatly improve filtering abilities!

More To Come!!!

We have several other small enhancements that we plan on releasing over the next couple of weeks so look for another update or two soon.