Hello PCO users! A new mini-update for you has come once again. Hope you are all enjoying spring wherever you are!

*New Look Becomes Permanent: *We are very excited about our look! It will now be the default. As you know, we are continually looking to improve the look of the site and are always working on making things better. Hope you enjoy!Picture 2

*New Email Look: *The notification emails will now look slightly different (just a little more organized). Things are situated a bit differently but no information has been excluded that was there before. Another change to the emails is that you can now edit the default email text. When you go to "email these people", your box will have the script that we have written, which you are now able to edit if you'd rather have it say something else.

Picture 3

Edit Scheduled Person Dialog: **This box comes up when you add or edit someone scheduled to a plan. **It now looks a bit different but again, all content is the same. The biggest difference is that we've moved the plan & rehearsal times to a list on the right, and instead of assigning the selected person to a time by checking a checkbox, simply click on a time to select or deselect it. We really feel that this looks much cleaner and will be redesigning several of the other dialogs in the near future.

Picture 5*Quick Links Change: *We have moved Quick Links from the left sidebar to underneath the Plans tab. When you hover over Plans, you will see the Recently Viewed Plans at the top (if applicable), then all the Quick Links for that same day below.

Hope you enjoy these updates! Just a few more little things to make the site look and run smoothly.