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Hey everyone! We just wanted to send out a quick blog post about some new mini-updates that we're releasing today! Hope you enjoy them- we anticipate that you will!

*Adding Items: *

Now you can add an item to anywhere in your plan! You'll see the plus symbol throughout the items already added, and to add an item in between certain items, just click on that plus.

*Subscribing to Comments: *

Anyone desiring to get emails notifying them of new comments on an item can now subscribe to receive those emails! When you click on the bubble of the item comment, you'll see the option at the top to subscribe to receive emails for one of the three: this item specifically, this plan, or the whole service in general (all plans/items that would be commented on within that service).

*Positions Drop-Down Box: *

This is a minor change, but we thought we'd notify you of it anyway: When you are adding or editing a person's position, you will see the drop-down box with all positions show up. This is just a small change but we wanted to notify you of it.