*This is an outdated blog post and the information here may not be current. To read more about our recent product and company updates, please visit https://www.planningcenter.com/blog.

Hello PCO users! Here we are once again with another update to enhance your use of Planning Center. As you may have noticed, we are updating whenever we have new features ready, instead of on a quarterly basis- so that is why you may notice that the updates seem to be more frequent lately. Here are the four newest things that you need to know about:

*1. Community Page *

Editors and administrators will now see a Community (songs) tab. The community page itself has several features: Hot Songs for the month, links to buy versions of a song on AmazonMp3 and iTunes, a place for you to link to charts, a discussion area, and recommended songs which will show you what other people have used with this song! We really believe that this is going to broaden the horizons for PCO users and create more of a community between you and other churches. We also realize that this page is not fully complete, but we think it is a great start!

2. New Look for PCO (BETA)

We are now allowing you to preview the new look for PCO. To do this, simply click on the bar on your page that allows you to see the new design. For now, you can go back to the older design. This comes with no structural changes, but just a new interface. Please let us know what you think! We are really excited to get this finished and pushed out as the new theme for PCO!

3. Comments on Plan Items

You are now able to comment on plan items in your account. To do this, simply click on the little bubble next to an item, and leave your comment. This is designed for you and your worship team or worship leaders to be able to communicate about different things that are happening within your plan.

4. Songs Page Additions

A few things are new about the songs page. The first is that when you click on 'add a song', you will see a place for either the CCLI number or the title of the song. As you type, Planning Center searches the community for that title or CCLI number and imports the rest of the data for you. The next new feature is on the individual song pages. Here you will see related songs, community song information (with links!), and a section for notes.

We do hope you enjoy these new releases! Let us know what you think- we always enjoy hearing feedback from you!