For the last week or two, we've been working away at our next Planning Center feature release that we are incredibly excited about. Without giving away too much, we're adding some new innovative tools to help you better organize your content and simplify discovering new content. But I'm not going to get into that right now, I just wanted to whet your appetite a little. :)

Somehow in the middle of working on that, Jeff got inspired to release Custom People Reports today. If you are used to working with Custom Plan & Matrix Reports, you can now use the same tools to create reports using any people you've added. We've created 3 reports to start you off.

Directory _ gives you a printable list of of your people with their picture, email & phone numbers. You can easily show their addresses, birthday, anniversary or notes by creating your own report based on _Directory, and setting those print options to 'true' at the top of the report.

_Block-Out-Dates _gives you a list of people who have entered block-out-dates, and shows you the information related to those dates.

And finally, People Grouped By Property shows you all the people assigned to the custom properties you are currently filtering to. You can easily change this to show all your people and ignore your current filter settings.

You'll find these new reports at the top of the main people page when you click the new "print" button. We hope you find this new capability useful and come up with some great reports of your own!

Stay tuned for some really exciting things to come!