new_mp3_playerHey everyone! We have an update to share with you that will enhance your experience in using Planning Center! We’ve been working on revamping the mp3 player that looked a little outdated, to say the least. We realized it didn’t match the rest of our site! So we have a new and improved mp3 “look”.  Let us know what you think, and enjoy!

Update** (2/11 10:00am)***: *To help with the transition we have re-enabled the old MP3 Player until we can add a couple more features to the new MP3 player. To access the old MP3 Player hover over the Rehearse button and then click the "Old MP3 Player" link.

Update 2 (2/11 3:00pm): We have added volume, pan & pop-out to the new MP3 Player. Woohoo!! Please let us know what you think!