Hello everyone and Happy New Year! We at Ministry Centered Technologies hope you had a great holiday season. With the beginning of another year comes another release for Planning Center Online! I would like to tell you about the three new features we just released.

Recently Viewed Plans plans-tab-pic4The first is that from now on, when you hover over the Plans tab, you will see a list of the most recent plans you have accessed. This will make accessing your plans easier and more intuitive! Just hold your mouse over the Plans tab, and it will list the last few plans you were working in or viewing.

Public Viewing public-access2The next feature is an area on your plans page that allows you to enable public viewing. Here you can copy the link of that plan and send it to those who don't have access to your account so they can view your basic service flow! You will even have the capability to easily post this link on a blog of your own.

Category Divisions categories-separation-picThe last and final feature is on the properties page. Categories are now divided into sections: People Categories, Plan Notes Categories, and Item Notes Categories. This will be easier for those of you using a lot of notes and categories.  This also means that when you click on a category, you won't need to choose the category type anymore, since they are already divided right on the page.

Updated Design login-look4In addition to our new features, you'll notice that when you sign in, the information in the upper right corner (name, logout, etc.) will look different. It will have your picture and anything you may need to click on that was in the upper right corner before. Just a clearer, sharper look to the page!

This is the first small update of a few that will be released within the next month or two, so look for more to come soon! Hope you enjoy this first update!