We have some new updates being released today (Monday, November 3rd)! We decided to do an earlier update during mid-quarter just for fun. You can watch this video for an explanation and a tutorial on how to use these updates. Let me tell you a little bit about them first.

Changing the name of Ministries: We will be changing the name of Ministries to Services. So from now on, when you see ‘create a new service’, it is the same as ministry. We felt this fit much better.

Transposing mp3's: Another change is the ability to transpose mp3 files. We now have a direct link to transposr.com through PCO. When you are in your song’s attachments, hover over any mp3 attachment and you will see a new blue gear icon you can click on to transpose your mp3 and attach it to the new key! This will eliminate a step for people that are wanting to quickly transpose from inside PCO.

Files Box & Moving Song Attachments: Also, our Files box in Songs looks a little different too. We compressed the different key files boxes into just one. In addition, you can move song attachments between the song or any of its arrangements or keys. When uploading or editing a song attachment, just choose if you want the file attached to the song, an arrangement, or a key.

A list of song files sorted by musical keys.

Stage Layout: The other update (in my opinion the most exciting!) is the stage layout feature. This will allow you to create a replica of what you want your stage to look like! This has been a project for quite a while now, but is finally done. It offers easy drag and drop features and it takes your scheduled people and automatically adds them into the design. It’s very flexible, and easy to work with.

A grid layout of a stage with musicians in different positions throughout.

We also have been working on updating all of our tutorials to be in HD and have the most updated information. The ones that have been updated so far are: Setting Up Planning Center Online, How to Schedule and E-mail Your People, and How to Use Songs and Arrangements.

We hope you enjoy the updates. If you have further questions, please watch our video!!