I really try to keep a tabs on the blog posts that hit the street about PCO because we love seeing how churches are using it to impact their ministry. You can do that to by subscribing to the rss feed of a technorati search for "planningcenteronline.com". Here are a couple of posts from the last week:

"As we grow as a church, our systems must grow. And I prefer to stay ahead of the growth. Planning Center Online is helping us do just that. Planning Center Online will revolutionize the way you plan your services. Its elegant, simple, and can be used by volunteers and staff. If you have ever thought to yourself “I wish there was something to help me manage all of this!!! AHHHHH!! @!#%^#” Search no longer. Here it is!" *From the Cadillac Zak Blog**


"If you're in ministry and are over any kind of team, this site could save you a whole lot of time... it's already done that for me. Organization isn't always my strongest suit so this has been a great find.

If you are going to look at it, find the tutorial videos on their website and watch the overviews... that's the quickest way to see most of the features available." From the Greg Adkins Blog

Happy Tax Day!!!