Who Are These Guys

Tom Roepke from the "Who are these guys" website recently wrote a review on how his church uses Planning Center for their Student Ministries.

Originally when I sat down to develop Planning Center we really worked hard to make sure that this site could meet the needs of not just Worship Ministries, but all the ministries of the church. Thanks for the glowing review Tom, this really confirms that we are meeting our goals.

Planning Center (www.planningcenteronline.com) has made numerous administrative duties light. Our church was already using it to manage our multi-site campuses with four weekend services

Planning Center has lived up to its own promotional material. It allows you to develop a matrix that can track all songs used, track and notify volunteers, and give you critical control of all aspects of the service.

The biggest and most useful part of PC is that all the information regarding a service is located in one centralized place. Since it is web based it allows all users and participants quick and easy access anywhere anytime.

From the Who Are These Guys Website