UPDATE (1:45pm PST): We have gotten our new servers pretty much up and running and we are going to our current datacenter to remove our servers and bring them back to the office so that we can upload the database to our new server farm.

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry to report that Planning Center Online is down right now. At around 7:00am (PST) this morning I received a text message letting me know our site was down. I immediately checked and saw that the issue was with our internet host DISC (who provides internet to practically every business where we live), who I called. When I called them they let me know that this was affecting all of their customers and they were working on it. Around 10:00 I called again and they let me know that the issue is with AT&T and that they are working together to solve this issue. I will update this blog as I get more information.

The funny thing about this is that we just got access to our new servers at RackSpace. RackSpace guarantees 100% up time and we are excited to see the performance increase that we will get from their superior network. I am working on installing PCO on those servers and I hope to transfer over ASAP.

Again we are sorry about this and if you have any questions or comments please call us at (888) 777-2821 or e-mail us at support@ministrycentered.com.

Thanks!   Jeff Berg Owner/Developer Ministry Centered Technologies