Before I say anything else, I've got good news. Planning Center is back online! Not only that, we are giving everyone 4 days free for the trouble it has caused and just to say thank you for being so patient with us. Your next credit card charge will be postponed 4 days.

In case you had not noticed, Planning Center has had some network problems over the last couple of days. First it was because the server got overloaded when everyone returned from their vacations at the same time. Then after that was fixed, AT&T went down in Palm Springs and is actually still down while I write this.

We were already in the process of upgrading our servers, but once we realized AT&T couldn't tell us when they would be back up, we drove to our server facility, physically retrieved the servers, brought them back, and began the process of transferring the database and application to our new servers. If you want the full details of all that happened, there are a couple of posts on our blog here:

At around 11PM Pacific Time, the process was completed and Planning Center is back. The good news is that we have moved to some seriously upgraded servers so that this won't happen again. Our new servers are with First of all, they guarantee 100% uptime, which means this won't happen again! For more detailed information on why they are so good, check out this page:

In addition, Planning Center should be quite a bit faster due to faster hardware in our servers. We were at a 2MB connection and our new servers have a 100MB connection. We are committed to making Planning Center as fast as possible so that you don't have to think about it.

After we make sure the transition to the new servers is smooth and complete, we will finish up work on our next update. We've got some exciting new features that we are hoping to release soon.

Thank you once again for using Planning Center. We wish you many blessings in 2008.

The Planning Center Team (Jeff, Aaron & Jeff)