Hello Everyone,

Wow, last month was a long month!! Shannon and I had our 4th wedding anniversary, my daughter had her 1st birthday and this was my first year doing taxes for myself and my business, what a learning experience. And through all of that I have been able to get a lot of great features into this new version of Planning Center!!! And with no further ado here they are:


  • Ministry Positions allow you to add a position to your plan without knowing who is going to fill it, and then easily find a person for that position based on your custom properties. This, combined with templates, will be a powerful feature which we plan on adding a lot more to in the next update.

  • Download All PDFs is a link at the top of each plan that combines all PDF's attached anywhere in your plan into one single PDF

  • New song selection dialog when adding a song to a plan that allows you to filter using your custom properties

  • When adding a song to a plan, it remember the notes from the last time you used that song


  • People & Song reports allow you to see when you used a song or person for a particular ministry

  • Ministries can now have attachments


  • Chord Charts now allow for different font sizes and the interface changes based on which font you select

  • You can now hide any songs you don't want to see in your song list but need to keep for archival purposes.


  • All sent e-mails are tracked so you can see who received which e-mail.

  • You can now see & modify blocked-out dates from each person's page

  • You can now attach files to people

  • CHANGE: Scheduled viewers can no longer view personal information of others in the plan

  • CHANGE: Scheduled viewers can no longer see services that they have been scheduled for but the notification has not been sent


  • New features tour

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes & interface clean-up

Well with this release out of the way I am already working on the next release which promises to have some pretty cool features in it. I am also going to start gearing up for all of the Worship Conferences this Summer & Fall. So, if you know of any conferences that would be good for me to exhibit Planning Center at, please shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment. I am also trying to come up with some cool swag to give away so please let me know if you have any ideas for those also. Thanks,

Jeff Berg Owner/Developer Ministry Centered Technologies