Hello everyone,

Ok, ok, I know. I am late, but I've got a good excuse. Truth be told we have some things that we wanted to include in this e-mail, but just hadn't finished yet. Also, it is hard to get this e-mail done in the middle of the week. So in learning from our experience we will now be sending out the Planning Center update every other Friday instead of every other Tuesday.

Downloadable tutorials

Some of you knew that this was coming, so here it is. We have recorded tutorials highlighting specific features of Planning Center. Our first batch of tutorials include:

  • How To Schedule People

  • How To Use The Matrix

  • How To Import A Song From CCLI

  • How To Use Custom Song Properties

  • How To Use Song Arrangements

You can find all of these tutorials on our website at: http://www.ministrycentered.com/planning_center/home/tutorials

Song Keys Update

Based on a lot of feedback we got from our users, we have reworked how you use Song Keys. You now have the ability to specify Major or Minor keys and you can also specify an ending key. We hope that this will help out those of you who were needing to be more specific in the information that you were storing in Planning Center.

Address & Phone Number Types

For all of you administrators out there you can now add and remove different address & phone number types so that you can customize Planning Center to your church. Administrators can find this if they click on the "my account" link in the top right hand side of their screen after they log in.

Dragging People In The Matrix

The Matrix has become one of those great features that you didn't know you needed, and the more we add to it the more we are excited to use it in our own churches. Well, last week we added the ability to drag and drop people between different plans & positions. There is a tutorial highlighting this new feature that also gives an overview of the matrix.

I'm excited for you to use these new features and look forward to serving you as you plan your worship services.

In Him,

Jeff Berg Developer/Owner Ministry Centered Technologies