The first interaction a family has with your church may very likely be a Check-Ins station. Stations are also one of the things your volunteers use the most. So the experience needs to be great.

Last week we released a completely revamped, reimagined station experience—an even more powerful tool to help you create a welcoming and safe environment for families.

Watch the video for a quick overview of how we made the stations-side of the Check-Ins experience even more fast, flexible, and secure.

Changes to Manned and Self Stations

We made six major updates to both Manned and Self stations, this is what they look like!

Custom Backgrounds
The biggest change—transparent fields are no longer! The transparent fields only worked with certain backgrounds, and we wanted you to have more options for how your stations look. Want to put your church logo and color in the background? Go for it! You can even change the overlay to dark or light.

All the Details On One Page
Need to change a time or location? Now that all happens on one page. No need for extra pages to load or things to navigate.

Smarter Filters
We’ve rebuilt how Check-Ins chooses the best time and location from scratch. The pages display faster and it's more intuitive when suggesting times and locations than ever before.

Improved Syncing with Services
When someone is scheduled in Services, Check-Ins will now automatically match them with the time they’re scheduled to, instead of the closest time like before. If there’s a name match, we’ll also choose a location based on the team or position name in Services. And best yet, if they are not scheduled, we’ll match them with the best location for them as a Regular.

Improvements for Trusted People
If a parent is a Trusted Person, they can now search for themselves at a Station and select both their own household members and the children of the other households. Everyone will be checked in together and assigned the same Security Code.

And last but not least, on Manned Stations you’ll also notice that we have live household searching. And yes, keyboard shortcuts still work!

Changes to Roster Stations

Rosters are a clipboard-style view for classroom teachers, and now it's easy see who is ready to be checked in, who is Here, and who is Checked Out by cycling through the tabs.

To make Roster stations laser focused for classroom management, other changes include only viewing one location at a time and streamlining the user interface by removing some of the lesser used features like adding Visitors, and editing user profiles.

This is version one of the updates to our Roster station, so use the Send Feedback button on the station to let us know what you think!

Hide/Show Tabs
Let’s say you want each of your classroom leaders to see who is in their classroom, but not be able to search the database or check people in. You can now choose to hide or show any Roster tab you’d like to help accommodate those scenarios and many more. Choose to only show the Here tab for your teachers or only the Ready tab for your volunteer stations!

Shared Security Codes
If two people from the  same household check in at the same station, they’ll share the same security code, and only print one set of the required labels.

We also made it so that after you check someone in, they won’t disappear from the list for about 2 seconds. That way, you have all the time you need to check in a whole group quickly, or undo an accidentally selected person.

How to Get Started  

We know changing things on your volunteers and members is tough, so it is completely up to you when these new changes show up in your stations.

To get started, switch all of your stations over to the new layout from the admin side. And if the new layout isn’t your cup of tea, or you need a little more time to get used to it, you can opt individual stations back out, or all of them at once!

If any of your volunteers or staff members feel confused about the changes, feel free to share this blog or the update note, and tell them to reach out to us from the Send Feedback button on the bottom right of any station—we want to hear what is and isn’t working for you.

Happy checking In!
💜 Team Check-Ins