Today's update is a single checkbox that can save your church lots of money! We've added an option for background checks to be paid for by the person being checked instead of the church.

When you initiate a background check, you'll see a new option labeled "Charge to Applicant." When that has been selected, the applicant will be asked to give a credit or debit card to charge the background check to as part of the authorization process.

We've also been able to simplify pricing for background checks paid by volunteers. Normally, the final cost of a background check can vary if any county fees are assessed along the course of the background check. However, we really didn't like the idea of a volunteer not knowing exactly what they're going to be paying. It's already tough enough to get people to volunteer to change someone else's kids diapers on a Sunday morning! Instead, when a background check is paid for by the applicant, they will always pay a few dollars more for the background check than the starting price that a church would pay, but they'll never have any additional fees. So, a Standard background check paid for by the church costs $16 plus any fees, but the same background check costs a flat $20 when paid for by the volunteer.

I'd like to thank our friends at Checkr for doing all of the heavy lifting to enable this feature. If you haven't checked them out yet, you really should! They're a great company to work with and their prices are tough to beat.

For more information about how background checks work in Planning Center, this blog post is a great place to start.